Our Founders

SEEMA: Support Embrace Empower Mental health Advocacy was co-founded by three Pakistani-American sisters, to honor the memory of their mother, Seema, who passed away in 2012. Seema was creative, loving, and ambitious, but was battling mental illness for much of her adult life. Due to the stigma and shame, her true diagnosis was hidden, which resulted in years of confused emotions and reactions on the part of her children.

Who We Are

SEEMA was developed to bring the conversation of mental health and stigma to the forefront of our Muslim communities, to support one another, rather than suffering alone.

SEEMA advocates to embrace and empower mental health by way of support groups, educational workshops, social activities, and access to professionals, to eradicate mental health stigma within the Muslim community.

What We Do

We support. SEEMA offers support groups to both individuals living with a mental health condition, as well as their families and loved ones.

​We embrace. SEEMA offers families who feel shamed and isolated by the stigma of mental health a sense of belonging via social activities to bring our community members together.

​We empower. SEEMA empowers Muslims across North American with the knowledge and tools to understanding mental health via educational workshops.

​We advocate. SEEMA advocates for local service referrals within local mosques, as well as trained staff in Islamic schools across North America.

​SEEMA relies on your donations to create these programs across North America, to become the voice for our isolated Brothers and Sisters. Please show your support!